Programs & Fees

Learning Through Play

Our preschool is founded on the proven philosophy that children at the preschool level learn best through play. Play is the natural way that children learn about their surroundings: it is engaging, enjoyable and memorable. Children choose how and when to participate in play and when children play, they explore new skills and abilities.

While playing, children have opportunities to learn as they discover, improvise, create and imagine. When they play with other children, social groups are formed, new ideas are tested and new understandings built. Children’s play is representation and it provides the foundation for literacy and numeracy. Through play, children practice flexible and divergent thinking; they encounter and solve problems, and they develop self-regulation skills.

Skills and concepts children learn through unstructured, open-ended play of their own design include:

✔ social skills and relationship building
✔ negotiation, conflict resolution and problem-solving
✔ empathy and self-regulation
✔ independence and safe risk-taking
✔ leadership
✔ communication skills
✔ organizational skills
✔ imagination and creativity
✔ wonder and curiosity

Child playing with a toy at a preschool in Ottawa

Our Programs

Toddler Program

Tuesday & Thursday
8:30 – 11:30
September – June
Ages 1.5 – 2.5
Class size: 15

Tuition fees: $109.70 per month

Children eager to play will enjoy the sensory stimulation woven through the learning activities in their first entry into early education. Wonderful, loving teachers, a bright cheery environment, and lots of learning opportunities provide a happy start to learning and socializing

Preschool Program

8:30 – 11:30
September – June
Ages 2.5 – 4.5 years
Class size: 24

Tuition fees: $138.83 per month

Through independent engagement in stimulating activities, and directed learning time with Educators, preschool children develop the social, physical, intellectual and creative skills that form the foundation for success in their ongoing education.

What Families are Saying

GCNS has been a cornerstone of our three children’s early lives. Over the past six years, our family has been part of the beautiful community fostered by GCNS, and our children have thrived within it. The teachers are warm, caring, and compassionate; their approach is primarily child-led, play-based, and respectful, while being engaging for the children. All of our children hold GCNS dear to their hearts; our older children still love to visit the preschool when our youngest is dropped off.
— Tara

The encouraging teachers, stimulating classroom and welcoming community at the Glebe Co-operative Nursery School has been a wonderful start to our son’s education. The toddler program was our son’s first drop-off experience and the teacher’s warmth and understanding helped him quickly to be comfortable. Through the preschool year, he has grown socially and academically, gaining independence to prepare for kindergarten. We recommend the GCNS to families looking for an enriching co-operative experience.
— Sheena


Our two children have been in both the toddler and preschool programs at the GCNS. From our children’s exposure to teachers and new friends and all the classroom has to offer, to being involved as a duty parent and volunteer, being a part of the GCNS has been an extremely positive experience for our family. We also found it was great preparation for junior kindergarten. We highly recommend the nursery school to any family!
— Katelyn

Both of my children attended GCNS and they looked forward to being there everyday! It was wonderful to see them build such strong connections with their teachers and friends over the school year. The co-operative aspect meant that we could really be involved with the school and get to know other families in the community which was a huge plus for us.
— Greg

Having our child enrolled at GCNS has been a fantastic experience for our whole family. B was just over two years old when she joined the Toddler class, and had never been left in the care of anyone other than her parents and grandmothers – but she took straightaway to the warm, patient, thoughtful teachers at GCNS and we are so thankful for the gentle introduction to school she’s been given. I’m also grateful for the community we’ve joined by opting for a cooperative school – the volunteer roles, duty days, fundraising efforts and neighbourhood events with this wonderful group of parents have enriched our lives beyond my expectations.
— Abigail


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